Los Angeles, California travelers have a delicious treat to look forward to as they travel through the LAX airport: Pink’s Hot Dogs. Pink’s Hot Dogs are world-renowned as a Hollywood landmark and icon. Some of Hollywood’s most famous stars are known for stopping by to get their craving for a Pink’s Hot Dog at the casual and friendly hot dog eatery.

The Pink’s Hot Dogs eatery at LAX will open later this year, during 2009. Pink’s Hot Dogs is known for delicious hot dogs and for very long lines as people star watch and wait for their yummy hot dogs.

Now travelers at LAX will get a delicious taste of Hollywood’s famous Pink’s Hot Dogs. Perhaps the celebrities who have helped to make this eatery so well-known will pop in for a hot dog as they catch their flights, jet setting to their next television or movie shoot? Only time will tell, but one thing is for certain: with Pink’s Hot Dogs at LAX many people will be happy!

Fortunately when you choose off airport parking through AirportParkingReservations.com you’ll have the free time to stop and enjoy one of Pink’s Hot Dog’s famous hot dogs and see what all of the fuss is about. While some Los Angeles travelers will be rushing through the airport to catch their flight, you’ll be sure to get to the airport on time – and be able to make your stop at Pink’s Hot Dogs to enjoy a hot dog (or two!). This is a delicious treat to share with your family – especially your little ones or teenagers.

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