We’ve mentioned several airports over the past few weeks that offer self-service check-in. According to U.S.A. Today, this is now a trend. They mention a recent survey by SITA, an airport technology developer who polled 2,200 travelers. According to SITA’s poll, self-service check-in is up 20% in 2009 alone.

The Atlanta International Airport is considered to be the busiest airport and more than 80% used self-service check-in during 2009. In 2008 about 60% used this service. That’s a dramatic increase.

Travelers can easily see the ease and convenience offered by a self-service check-in system. You can use the self-service system at the time you choose, not when Customer Service Agent hours make services available to customers. A self-service check-in can in most circumstances have you check-in quite quickly as the system asks you the same questions you would be asked in person.

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Be on the lookout for self-service check-in kiosks in your airport. If they don’t have them currently, most likely there are plans to install them – as they are becoming quite popular! Stay tuned to AirportParkingReservations.com as we talk about the airport’s hottest trends and things you just won’t want to miss!

Source:  http://www.usatoday.com/money/industries/travel/2009-10-04-airport-checkin_N.htm