Got a beef about an airline? Now you have an even better forum in which to display your disgust and register an official complaint to try and get some action. In the Atlanta Constitution, the USTA is said to have launched a redesigned version of the website, which has a direct linkto the agency’s web form for filing complaints about service, safety, security or disability and discrimination.

How many of these complaints are sent in? Well, Delta had a total of 95 complaints out of its nearly 5.3 million passengers who boarded their planes that month.  Doesn’t seem like much but it’s the industry high.

Airtran beat its bigger brother out with just 15 complaints in a month.

You wonder, though, just how many more complaints there were which never got emailed in. How many just remained grudges…and come time to travel again, you’ll be sure that person would choose a different airline.

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