When you are traveling with kids, any parent knows they are your #1 priority. But getting your children to the airport safely and easily can be a challenge. Off airport parking is any parents “best kept secret” when traveling.

Choosing off airport parking means you have a GUARANTEED RESERVATION, so you have a parking place waiting at the off airport parking facility just for your family. This is so much better than other options like taking a cab, an airport shuttle service or asking a friend to drive your family. Cabs often are late – and sometimes you’ll find they don’t have working seatbelts, making traveling with little ones truly treacherous. Airport shuttles can be frustrating with children as they are often crowded and have many stops and involve lots of waiting. Even asking your friendly neighbor or a family friend to drive you can be really hit or miss – sometimes the friend has something come up at work and they can’t drive you, or then you “owe” them a ride to the airport at some uncertain time – something hard for someone with small children to do.

When you travel using off airport parking you’ll also find that the airport shuttle as you park your car always stays with you. The driver is happy to help get your luggage into the airport shuttle, leaving you to manage your children easily. Then as you arrive at the terminal the driver will help you with your luggage again. Hey – this travel thing is easy! Before you know it…the kids will be wanting to do it again.