If you are a senior and are traveling for business or to see your family (grandchildren perhaps?) then off airport parking is your ideal choice. There are so many reasons to choose off airport parking.

Seniors will be relieved to know that by choosing off airport parking, they are always in the presence of the shuttle driver as they park their car or enter their car upon their return trip. Safety is of utmost importance to many seniors, and no one wants to feel stranded in an enormous parking garage. In the presence of a shuttle driver they can call for help to the main office if your car won’t start for some reason. They can also help you easily load and unload your bags into the car.

Luggage assistance is an important factor many seniors will want to choose off airport parking. Seniors can rest assured that there will always be an extra hand to help out with the bags to get them to the airport quickly and easily.

Best of all, your reservation with AirportParkingReservations.com is GUARANTEED. Once you make your online reservation, your parking spot is completely reserved for you. It is one less thing to think about when it comes to your trip and you can focus on catching up with your grandchildren!