If you are a woman traveling alone, you’ll want to consider using off airport parking for your next trip. Off airport parking has many benefits, especially for those traveling by themselves.

Most women know the feeling of being alone in a dark, poorly-lit parking garage. It is an experience they don’t like to have more often than they truly need to. The woman traveling alone may be concerned about on airport parking facilities, which are known for being extremely large and it is easy to get yourself turned around and lost as you try to find your car after your trip.

Using off airport parking is the ideal choice for women traveling alone as these parking facilities offer valet services where a parking attendant will stay with any traveler as they enter their car and start it up. There is never a worry about being in a parking garage early in the morning or late at night by yourself when you choose an off airport parking facility through AirportParkingReservations.

Best of all, off airport parking offers a free shuttle to the airport and is cheaper than on airport parking. You’ll receive top-notch service and know that your personal safety is a top priority of each parking facility.