An off-site parking vendor serving Seattle Tacoma International Airport has put forward proposals to extend the parking lot as part of a long-term development strategy.

The plan put forward by the owner of the off-site lot proposes extending the lot by annexing the property to the south. The effect of this would be to more than double the size off its current operation. Part of the debate around the issue is happening because in order for the lot to extend, the property to the south would need to be reclassified so passengers would be able to park there.

Another issue that is currently being debated is the longer term prospects for the off-site lot serving SeaTac Airport. The owner of the lot believes that the nearby SR-509 will one day be extended, which would have the impact of increasing traffic in the area, and one part of the proposal is to eventually build a hotel on the same site.

The proposals are currently being debated by SeaTac City Council, but it is proving to be somewhat contentious for several members of the council, so the debate continues.

For passengers looking for parking near Seattle Tacoma International Airport, there are currently multiple off-site parking lot options. There are around 20 off-site parking choices for travelers, with a range of facilities and parking options (including long and short term) on offer. Passengers can also benefit from a free shuttle bus to take them from the off-site lot to the airport.

The debate over the proposed expansion looks set to go on for some time yet.