In honor of #NationalAviationDay we are doing our round up of amazing aviation photography and videos we saw on Instagram this week.

We love a birds-eye-view shot, especially of Los Angeles International Airport.

We always need to include a taking off video. There is that special aviation thrill that is essentially indescribable during this moment!

We feel like this image is the perfect representation of landing back home after a long flight at sundown, aka amazing.

The colors in this shot of the pilot’s view from the cockpit are so dreamy.

Let’s talk about these clouds for a minute…. I mean, Insane!

An aviation shot in an icy wonderland is necessary for our picks of the week.

One more cockpit view shot because, how beautiful is this??

One of our favorite aviation images we have seen this week on Instagram. The colors in the sunset are beautiful but in addition to that, we love the graininess of this shot and the composition.

We picked this as our last video on the post for two reasons:

  1. The clouds are so amazing and dreamy floating by, and we are a sucker for a perfect window seat view video.
  2. This sentiment in the caption is totally heartwarming and relatable to all the aviation geeks of the world.