Traveling can be a wonderful way to add a touch of excitement to your life and broaden your perspective on the world. Oftentimes, planning a trip can be just as much fun as leaving for your destination. While many people prepare for a trip by purchasing a guidebook or doing research online, a frequently overlooked resource for travel advice is podcasts. Below is a list of popular travel podcasts that are great to listen to whether you have a trip on the horizon or would just like to hear stories from fellow travelers.

Women on the Road

Hosted and produced by Laura Hughes, the “Women on the Road” podcast interviews women who travel around the country, living out of their vans. This unique podcast provides a very different take on travel, giving listeners an unconventional, and surprisingly affordable, perspective.

Popular episodes include episode 17, an interview with adventure wedding photographer Abbi Hearne and episode 33, an interview with Karen Ramos who discusses how she traveled extensively on a shoe-string budget in her car instead of a van.


The “Jump” podcast is hosted by Jackie Nourse. The podcast, which was launched in 2014 under the name “The Budget-Minded Traveler” shares her insights learned over her lifetime of traveling the globe, as well as the experience of other travelers and experts in the field.

Popular episodes include episode 98 where Jackie talks with the Benson Family about their travels and episode 106, titled “How to Plan a Trip to Patagonia.”

Find Dining Podcast

The “Find Dining” podcast is a great listen if food is a big part of your travel plans. Host Seth Resler talks to food lovers from all over the world about the delicious delicacies being served in their community and which dishes are not to be missed.

The podcast offers a lot of variety ranging from profiles of entire states, deep dives into domestic and international food cultures, and interviews with top chefs. With so many diverse topics and locations, travelers are likely to find what they are looking for. Interesting podcast topics include Cajun Food from Louisiana, Bolivian Cuisine, and Kosher and Passover Dining.

Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase

“Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase” relays the experiences of a flight attendant who uses the pseudonym Betty Thesky to share stories about her life and times as a flight attendant, as well as anecdotes from others who make their living in the airline industry.

Created in 2006, the podcast has developed quite a following. Each episode offers an unpredictable mix of stories “Betty” had collected about life at 30,000 feet, including the passengers and coworkers she has met and numerous other experiences almost too offbeat to be believed.

Travel podcasts provide a wonderful way for seasoned travelers to share their stories and experiences. If you want an insider’s perspective on just about anything travel related, podcasts are a fun and exciting way to learn more about your destination and the world.

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