When traveling with children….haven’t you ever wished you had an extra hand? Let’s face it: it’s hard to hold on to the airplane tickets, your purse, the luggage and the children all at once. Well with off airport parking, parents easily are given that extra hand. The excellent customer service and care at off airport parking means that you can confidently focus on your children – and off airport parking will focus on getting you safely to the terminal for your flight!

One of the biggest challenges parents have is trying to push a cart with luggage and hold onto children’s hands at the same time. Using off airport parking allows parents to spend their time holding their children’s hands while the airport parking shuttle driver manages your bulky, heavy luggage. They’ll get it to and from the off airport parking facility for you – right to the terminal for you. This certainly makes travel so much easier.

Imagine being able to enjoy traveling to the airport. To point out the other travelers to your child. To read them a story as you ride to the airport terminal. To sing one of their favorite songs. Or just hold them on your lap and cuddle. These moments mean so much to your child.

Smart parents know that off airport parking gives them an extra hand.