Does anyone need another reason to lose weight? Besides the health benefits, now Air France is cracking down on passengers who weigh too much.  The Examiner took a look at this situation in its health section.

But in typical French fashion, they are putting it delicately. “Passengers with high body mass” is how they describe the fatties they are now going to require to pay for two seats.

They do offer a 25% discount for that required second seat, however, making it just a little bit more affordable.

One area of wiggle room is provided, however. It the plane isn’t totally full, obese passengers can get a refund for that second seat. Oh, and they don’t charge taxes and surcharges on it either.

As if to make it tougher, the airline states that just because you’ve purchased a second seat, you still only get one meal.

But nobody has to pay any extra for airport parking, even if you’re the heaviest man or woman in the world. Reserve now and save on your next flight.