According to this week’s NY Times the theme of this summer’s travel is….it’s cheap!

Again and again, marketers are telling us that everyone wants discounts, the thing that people are looking for are free nights, complimentary extras, and free upgrades.

I learned, though that upscale travelers perfer to call it ‘complimentary’ instead of free. It is less crass that way.

Travelocity’s Victoria Treyger told  the Times that “It’s an extraordinary time, because you pay basically one-half of 2008 prices…so get out there and travel.”

In Palm Beach FL, tourism officials are getting people excited about offering an extra hotel room night for just $19.09. The county was founded in 1909, and so they can call it the ‘deal of the century.’

You can also find deals if you check out, because they save money every day on something most people really need…a place to park at any airport in the US.