Albany, New York travelers may be longing to head to a sunny beach or to play golf on their favorite course. This is the perfect time to plan your summer vacation – be sure to get off airport parking through When you choose off airport parking reservations, you’ll save not only time but money as well.

Vacationers will be pleased to know they can save up to 50% off what it will cost to park directly at the airport. This is a great bargain for any traveler. Just imagine what you can do with this savings! You can extend your trip a few extra days or have the money for some fun activities. Bring your grandchildren new presents to entertain them when you visit. There are so many choices.

Albany, NY travelers can make their GUARANTEED RESERVATION through’s 24-hour website. Make your reservation at any time that is convenient for you. Whether before your morning run or after your last meeting of the day, every time is the “right” time to reserve your parking place. Just a small deposit reserves your parking place for the duration of your trip.

When traveling from the Albany International Airport, choose the following off airport parking facility:

Albany Park Ride & Fly