The Cranky Flier blog followed in our footsteps as he recently visited the domestic terminal in Auckland New Zealand and met the future of air travel.  Like him, we were amazed when we saw how calm and orderly this busy terminal was, and how by installing so many kiosks, they allow for a speedy and hassle free check in.

How would you like arriving just 15-minutes prior to departure at the airport. Imagine that!  It is possible because Air New Zealand has installed three large round banks of kiosks where all of the work of check-in happens.

Arriving up at the machine, he puts a little RFID reader on a designated spot atop the screen, and it reads all of his info, welcoming him by name.

It asked him if he wants to take the scheduled flight, or perhaps leave a little earlier. After assigning him a seat, the kiosk tells him politely to put his bags on the conveyor belt, and be on his way. Voila!  Check in’s done, he’s walking to his departure gate, and by God it was all done in less than 15 minutes.