It’s time for funny airport names…real names for real airports that cracked us up. Here are few of the best:

* Batman airport, in Turkey
*Useless Loop Airport, Australia.
*Black Tickle Airport, Canada
*Mafia Airport, Tanzania
*Moron Airport, Mongolia
*Ogle Airport, Guyana
*Brest Airport, France
*Eek Airport, USA
*Pickle Lake Airport, Canada
*Raspberry Strait Airport USA.

Here are some more that may actually offend some people.

* Old Crow Airport, Canada
*Fukui Airport, Japan
*Dang Airport, Nepal
*Phi Phi Island Airport Thailand.

Here are some that just sound strange, in English at least.

*Gorom-Gorom Airport Burkina Faso
*Wee Waa Airport, Australia
*Woodie Woodie Airport, Australia.
*Wuhu Airport, China
*Puka Puka Airport, Cook Islands

Here are some that might frighten you from landing:

*Dead Horse Airport, USA
*Mysore Airport, India
*Broken Hill Airport, Australia
*Deception Airport, canada