If you’re a smoker, here’s yet another reason to quit.  Budget and Avis now prohibit smoking in their rental cars.  Beginning on October 1, these market leaders will impose a cleaning fee of up to $250 on customers who light up in their cars.  Today’s USA Today has more details.

“The No. 1 request we get is for a smoke-free car,” says John Barrows, spokesman of the Avis Budget Group, the parent company. He says a common customer complaint is a car that smells of smoke, adding, “We’re addressing both concerns.”

Barrows says employees who drive the vehicles are no longer allowed to smoke and the cars will undergo a new inspection upon return. He says it costs the company more to clean a smoky car, because it often has to be taken out of service longer.

Avis is following a smoke-free travel trend that took off two decades ago. In 1988, Congress banned smoking on short domestic flights and in 1990 expanded that to flights of up to six hours. That year, it also banned smoking on interstate buses.

Amtrak banned butts in 1994, and only allows smoking in certain areas on their Auto Train, which runs from DC down to Florida.