I recently returned from a quick trip to Cancun, flying out of Hartford/Springfield’s lovely Bradley International Airport.  Sadly, there used to be a little more international at this convenient airport, but Air France/KLM decided to give up their weekly flights to Amsterdam, despite flying full most of the time.  So we have to settle for Cancun and Canada as their international destinations.

When I was in Mexico, getting ready to board the plane, I was surprised to see the Mexican TSA setting up tables right beside where you enter the jetway.  We had all been through security, having donated our water bottles and any large tubes of Crest to their trash, so we were all clean.

Yet after they scanned our tickets, they were having every single person get their carryons and even their body searched again!  The spectacle of seeing these 10-year-old kids being patted down, checking inside the three-year-old’s Batman backpack was ludicrous!

I kept thinking, come on, if you are going to do this to the next 200 passengers, then we’ll never get off the ground and back home.  But they did. Every person had to be searched again, and it took quite a while for our barely full plane to depart.

Was this retaliation for the way we treat our Mexican and other foreign guests when they arrive in the US? It felt very unnecessary and just plain a pain. I hope that this isn’t the way it’s going to be forever!