An article today by the AP contained some useful tips for those sleuthing for the lowest airfares. These days flyers are in the drivers seat, since airlines have never offered cheaper fares and the deals have never been better. One thing to consider is having your flight connect via St. Louis, Detroit, Chicago and other hub airports, since nonstops will always cost you more. Another is flying on a Wednesday, one of the cheapest days in the air.

One sly and cheap flyer suggests getting to know the regular costs of flights, so you’ll know when a price is a real steal. Setting up email alerts with online travel sites like Kayak and can give you the heads up on when to pounce. Another tip is using Priceline, which can often give you great deals and you no longer have to blindly bid on the price, they’re now offering straight up deals without all of the mystery and worry that were hallmarks of  their original business model.

Another tip is when to do your price shopping: late Monday or early Tuesday seem to yield the lowest airfares. Airlines often start the sales on Sunday night or Monday morning, said Rick Seaney of After the sales are announced, other airlines match the prices, which gives you more selection.