Seniors are traveling more and more these days. Seniors today are quite active and travel is one of their favorite hobbies. Many are spending their “golden years” spanning the globe – something they dreamed of doing when they were younger.

When seniors travel, they do it the smart way. They choose off airport parking to get them to the airport easily and conveniently. Seniors know that off airport parking offers GUARANTEED RESERVATIONS, so they’ll always have a parking place waiting for them. They also know that off airport parking is the best choice to get you to the airport when you want to get there. No more waiting for that overfilled airport shuttle to take you to the airport. Or an expensive cab that may or may not come. Or asking an overburdened neighbor to take you to the airport.

Seniors also appreciate the competitive pricing. Off airport parking is often less expensive than parking at the airport. You’ll pay usually 50% less when you choose off airport parking. These are some of the reasons seniors prefer off airport parking – but the most important reason is that it means they can see their grandchildren much quicker!