More and more seniors are spending their golden years as active globe trotters. Whether playing golf or visiting those adorable grandchildren they love so much – seniors have many reasons to want to travel. That’s why they know to choose off airport parking.

Seniors know that off airport parking is the best choice for travel time to the airport. Why call an expensive cab that may or may not even show up – or could show up late – leaving you to arrive late for your flight. Or choosing one of those discount airport shuttles where they cram you in like sardines and make you wait around for the shuttle for hours. With off airport parking you can leave for the airport at your convenience and arrive at the best time for your flight – and your flight only. No hassles or worries about dealing with someone else’s schedule.

Best of all seniors also know they’ll pay 50% less than what they’d pay for parking at the airport. Off airport parking is located within minutes of your airport terminal and service includes a complimentary airport shuttle. This is money they can use to spend on their adorable grandchildren – taking them to the zoo or some other fun activity. Or even extending their trip just a bit longer if they prefer. With savings like that – there are so many options to consider.

Seniors know that off airport parking is the best choice to make for airport travel. They’ve got lots of airport travel ahead of them!