It’s easy to see why seniors would choose off airport parking. Seniors today are doing more traveling than ever before. Whether it is taking in that great scenic golf trip or visiting those adorable Grandchildren – seniors have many reasons to travel. That’s why seniors know to choose off airport parking.

Seniors choose off airport parking because they know they can save up to 50% off what they’d pay at an airport parking facility. That’s a tremendous savings for any traveler to consider. These seniors have lots of great choices to use the money they save on airport parking. Why not extend your trip even longer? Or bring your grandchildren some wonderful presents that will delight and entertain them? Or take in a show or a fancy dinner on that golf trip? It’s your choice – and your money to save.

These seniors also know that as they use off airport parking they can count of off airport parking facilities to always lend them an extra hand. Luggage can be heavy and bulky for any traveler – but especially a senior. No worries when you choose off airport parking! The airport shuttle bus driver will gladly assist you with your luggage and will carry your luggage to your airport terminal. This is a great convenience to any senior as they travel.

So learn from your elders – and the next time you travel – remember to reserve off airport parking!