Many seniors are taking to “the friendly skies” for lots of reasons. Some are traveling the globe for simple pleasure of exploration they never had the time for. Others are enjoying visiting their grandchildren and children as frequently as they can. It is easy to see why these seniors would select off airport parking as the savvy choice.

One of the great benefits of using off airport parking is that seniors know that they will always be accompanied by the off airport parking shuttle bus driver as they park their car. This offers great safety and security in these uncertain times. How many of us – not just seniors – have been in a dark and deserted parking garage and felt unsafe? It would be a big relief to simply have someone else there watching as you exited your car and got into the airport shuttle.

This airport shuttle driver additionally can assist you with your luggage – so there is no straining or extra hassle involved in your trip. If you’ve packed extra presents for your grandchildren and your suitcase is a little heavier than it usually is, you don’t have to worry about lifting it. The airport shuttle driver will assist you with it. It’s easy to see why seniors choose off airport parking as their top choice!