Many seniors are spending their golden years traveling. Some are traveling the globe, going to exotic locations and enjoying seeing the world. Others are simply hopping on a plane anytime they can to see their beautiful grandchildren. Seniors know that off airport parking is the smart choice when it comes to planning their trip.

There are so many reasons to choose off airport parking. Seniors know that off airport parking is the best choice for safety and security. When you park in an off airport parking facility, you are always accompanied by a parking attendant. This parking attendant will help you with your luggage and can even help you with your car if you have a flat tire or any other problem. This offers seniors great peace of mind. No one likes being alone in a dark and deserted parking facility. To know that you are always in the presence of another person that can come to your aid is a great relief.

Seniors also appreciate the great benefit that off airport parking is often 50% less than airport parking. This is a wonderful savings that you can enjoy on your trip to see your grandchildren. You can use this extra money to take them to the zoo, the aquarium or to see that movie they’ve been talking about wanting to see. Or you may even be able to extend your trip an extra day or two with your savings. Seniors know that off airport parking is the smart and savvy choice.