Many seniors are choosing to spend their “golden years” traveling the globe – or perhaps simply traveling more often to see their adorable grandchildren. One thing is for certain, this generation of seniors is doing more traveling than ever. These savvy seniors have learned the secret to travel and always use off airport parking for their trips.

Seniors know that they’ll pay up to 50% less than what you’d pay parking at the airport. This is a great benefit and a true relief. Seniors can spend this money any way they wish. It is the ideal way to extend their trip so they can spend even more time with their grandchildren. Or perhaps they can take them to do something special while they are out visiting them. There are so many ways to spend this difference in money that they save.

These seniors also know that they will receive top quality customer service at off airport parking facilities. They will always be attended to when they park their car in an off airport parking facility. There is no worry about being alone in a dark and deserted parking garage. You are always attended by the airport shuttle bus driver. Best of all, this airport shuttle bus driver will gladly assist you with your luggage. This is a great benefit for every senior as they no longer have to worry about handling a too heavy bag to their airport terminal. They know and trust that the off airport parking staff will assist them in getting their luggage there. So go ahead and pack your grandchildren those special gifts and treats – your luggage is in good hands!

As the saying goes, we all can learn from our elders. Do as smart seniors do….and use off airport parking!