When you travel with small children, often you can wish for an extra set of hands. Children are adorable – but they usually are active and they always need your attention. This is especially true when you are taking them on a trip. Many parents will readily admit they have cancelled trips because they have felt their children simply “weren’t ready” to travel yet. That’s why they should know what smart single parents do in using off airport parking.

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These parents know they can count on five-star customer service when they arrive at off airport parking facilities. Someone will always be with them as they park their car. The shuttle bus driver will gladly help them with their luggage so they can attend to their children. Talk to your children about the upcoming flight or read them a story. Or simply enjoy the quick ride to the airport on the shuttle. It is your time to spend as you choose.

Smart single parents know they can travel anytime they please – and their children love traveling. Their secret is now your secret: off airport parking. Make your reservation today for a smooth and easy summer vacation!