What’s special about today, aside from fighting over the last of the leftovers?

It’s Small Business Saturday.

Never heard of it? It’s only in its second year of existence, but the idea goes back a long way. Supporting small business is great for everyone – customers get personal attention, the economy gets a boost, and business owners and employees get the kind of support that keeps them going.

At AirportParkingReservations.com, we run the show with just a few people in home offices scattered around the globe. Our email addresses are just our first names, because there aren’t enough of us to worry about doubles. The lots on our site are small businesses too. So the issues facing small businesses are close to our hearts, and on our minds every day.

On behalf of each of us, thank you for being our customers, for supporting us, and letting us help make your travels easier. We couldn’t do it without you.