For the Modern Traveler: Smart Luggage

Smart Luggage

Photo: Bluesmart

The travel industry isn’t slowing down anytime soon. And with all of the technological advances that are making our everyday lives easier, it was only a matter of time before the travel and luggage industries followed suit, catering to the tech-savvy travelers of the world. Smart luggage companies have been coming out of the woodwork promising to take some of the hassle out of traveling. Take a look at these 4 innovative luggage companies that are at the forefront of the market.


1. Bluesmart


Photo: Bluesmart

The sturdy and well-designed Bluesmart ensures that it will never get lost or stolen. With its built in SIM card you can track your bag anywhere in the world just by using your smartphone. You can also utilize the scale feature on your smartphone app to wave goodbye to those obnoxious over-weight bag fees! On top of those great features, this sleek bag can be locked remotely, and will even charge your electronic devices while you’re on the go. If that didn’t whet your appetite, this bag is also functional and durable. It has smooth-gliding wheels and a reinforced, waterproof, impact-resistant front pocket for laptops or tablets. With a 100 day money back guarantee, you can’t lose with this smart luggage!


2. Delsey Pluggage


Photo: Delsey

Welcome to the Cadillac of luggage. The Delsey Pluggage allows you to connect to your luggage via the smartphone app, and stay connected to your belongings like never before. The plethora of features include a fingerprint ID to prevent theft, remote lock check, built-in scale, on-board detection for peace of mind, flight info sent via smartphone app, inside lighting to easily find your things and battery reload so you can charge devices from the comfort of your seat. All of that technology married with a sturdy and aesthetic exterior makes this one of the best bags on the market right now.


3. Raden


Photo: Raden

The sleek and modern Raden is made from only the best materials to make it not only extremely light but also extremely tough. Engineers spent more than two years on the design and it shows. As pretty as this luggage is on the outside, Raden’s best features lie inside; they are fully tech-enabled. The luggage has everything but the kitchen sink: built-in chargers, location detection via Bluetooth (so you’ll know when your bag is ready to be claimed at the airport carousel) and a scale to curb over-packing. Just pair your phone via the smartphone app and you’re set to jet!


4. Trunkster


Photo: Trunkster

Trunkster has seamlessly merged technological advances with thoughtful design. This kickstarter-funded company has completely re-imagined luggage and is the perfect traveling companion for anyone who tends to be an overzealous packer. The most innovative feature is its roll-top “door” that eradicates zippers. That’s right: you’ll never have to deal with a broken zipper from over-packing or over-use ever again! It is also completely waterproof, impact resistant and has the best wheels on the block. Its creme-of-the-crop technological features include a built-in scale, remote locking capability, removable USB charging ports that provide 4 full charges and tracking software so you’ll never have to worry about lost luggage ever again.