My new year’s resolution this year is to travel in the world’s largest airliner. My pal Sony Stark, owner of Pilotgirl Productions, just had this opportunity last night when she took off in Air France/KLM’s new Airbus A380 bound for Paris. She’s going to Tunisia for the holidays, writing more articles for

She reports that in the back of the plane there’s an open cocktail and fruit juice bar. People can just belly on up and refresh themselves. She also said that despite a 538 passenger load, food and drinks don’t take any longer than they do aboard a smaller plane. There are dozens of flight attendants to serve the many passengers.

There are two decks, about 200 sit upstairs, and below, is business and the regular coach. I’ve heard reports that the air inside is nearly three times as good as in most jets; and there is a spiral staircase inside that gives the cabin a spacious feel.

So I hope that my travels for 2010, which so far include Uruguay, Sweden and France, will allow me these same comforts about the long-awaited, dreamy sounding Airbus A380!