Tampa, Florida travelers in the Tampa International Airport have been pleased to see the flu shot available at the airport. Flu shots are available at Flu*Ease kiosks throughout the airport, at five kiosks in total. The flu shot costs $35. Travelers have been visiting the kiosks as they travel from the airport to get their flu shot. This is a great convenience for Tampa travelers and their families.

Getting a flu shot before you take a trip is a great convenience as you won’t have to worry about getting the flu as you travel. This is especially important when you are visiting the elderly or small children. You certainly don’t want to pass along the flu to those in vulnerable health or the elderly or the young. Having your flu shot at the Tampa International Airport means you are protected from the flu before your flight takes off!

Tampa International Airport travelers know they’ll have the time to stop and get their flu shot when they choose off airport parking. Off airport parking is a great convenience for every traveler. That’s why it is easily the #1 travel time choice as you fly across the U.S.A.. You can find off airport parking facilities throughout airports across the U.S.A.. With off airport parking you can leave for the airport when you choose – and arrive when you choose. You have full control of your schedule. This is ideal for the Tampa traveler. You’ll always be pleased when you choose off airport parking. Don’t take an expensive cab that might run late or simply not show up at all. Or take an airport shuttle service that is overcrowded and has so many stops, your family waits and waits for it to arrive. With off airport parking you are in complete control – and you’ll always have the ability to get your flu shots – or a snack and simply enjoy the Tampa International Airport!

As you travel from the Tampa International Airport, choose the following off airport parking facilities:

A-1 Express Services , Inc

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