More than 600 companies around the world are cheering this week, after Boeing’s long-awaited 787 Dreamliner took to the skies.

Travelers in the next few years will be pleased with the improvements the $160 million plane brings to air travel.

Among these are cleaner better air at 33,000 feet and dozens of Tv and movie selections in seatback screens. There will be lower cabin pressure for improved passenger comfort.

But behind these amenities are other technologies that will help make the plane fly cheaper and cleaner. The plane’s power supply provides five times the power as a 767 model, it helps start the plane using a unique electric start system.

Now that the plane flies, the challenge will be to actually build the nearly 900 planes that have been ordered. The company says they will build 7-8 per month. But today, the 777 model that’s been built for 14 years, is going out at the rate of seven per month. For a new and more complicated model like the Dreamliner, this might be too high a hurdle.