Some people simply travel more than others. Perhaps you have a job that has you in the “friendly skies” one or two weeks out of the year. Or you have family all over the country (or the world!). There are so many reasons to be a frequent traveler. People know that frequent travelers have the BEST travel tips, so they always listen. This is why we’d like to share one with you: frequent travelers know to choose off airport parking.

Frequent travelers know that getting to the airport can be a real hassle. Who needs the added stress of worrying about a cab that never comes – or asking a friend that may wind up having to go into work early that day? It is far better to make your GUARANTEED RESERVATION for off airport parking and know you’ve got your parking place reserved.

These frequent flyers also know that by choosing off airport parking facilities, they are often saving 50% off of what the airport parking facility would charge them for parking. That’s a great difference – for an excellent service! Off airport parking facilities have free airport parking shuttles that get you to your terminal quickly. Why, they’ll even help you with the bags.

So do like the frequent travelers do – and choose off airport parking!