Psst! Wouldn’t you like to be able to take a longer vacation or have more spending money while on your trip? Then you need to know the top-secret of savvy travelers: use off airport parking facilities. When you part at off airport parking, you save up to 50% off what the airport parking facility will charge you to park your car. Why, you even get better service too!

When you choose an off airport parking facility, a small amount gives you a GUARANTEED RESERVATION for the exact time you’ll be traveling. You have no worries about the parking lot being out of spaces or being oversold. Your space is waiting for you to show up.

As you arrive, the complimentary airport shuttle takes you to your terminal at the airport. Many off airport parking facilities offer premium services such as helping you with your luggage, caring for your car while you are away (oil changes, car waxing, car inspections, etc.) You’ll pay less and come back to know that your errands are done!

It’s the savvy traveler that chooses off airport parking when they have a pleasure or business trip. They know it is not just the bargain price that attracts, but the fine service they receive. Once you’ve parked at off airport parking: you’ll always return!