Here are some tips for anyone lucky enough to be making the pilgrimage to Florida to attend the Superbowl in February. They come to us via ASTA, the travel agent’s organization.

“Every year, we hear reports of sports fans whose travel plans were ruined by a questionable organization with an offer that sounded too good to be true,” said ASTA President and Chair Chris Russo. “Following some simple advice and asking a few questions can help ensure that fans’ Super Bowl dreams won’t end in heartache.”

1. Check the tickets. Make sure you get them in hand before you get on the plane.

2. Plan wisely: book with an official tour operator, not a shady outfit, check to see that they are ASTA members.

3. Read the fine print. Get it all in writing before you go.

4. Reserve airport parking before you leave. Hey, it’s one of the best ways to guarantee the lowest parking rate!