We love to do a weekly highlight of all the incredible travel inspiration we constantly find on Instagram. This week will be highlighting some of the most beautiful destinations spotted on our daily phone scroll.

Herbert Lake

We saw this amazing capture from Callum Snape and were totally blown away by the beauty. Herbert Lake is located in Alberta, Canada. The water in the lake is so crystal clear it is able to perfectly mirror the stunning pine trees’ and mountain’s reflection.
**adds to dream hiking destination list**


Wildly beautiful right? Talk about a hidden gem. This gorgeous capture was from Fábio Luz, and yes, we concur this is cabin goals!
Hřensko is a beautiful and very tiny village in the Czech Republic. When we say tiny, we mean tiny, with only approximately 279 inhabitants!


I mean, could this picture be more peaceful? A brilliant capture from one of our favorite photographers, Karl Shakur. We definitely want to experience stunning, warm, sunrises over the South African mountains. Two fun facts about Johannesburg:
1. 40% of the planet’s human ancestor fossils have been found in the Johannesburg area.
2. It is home to the tallest and fastest roller coaster in Africa.
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Phi Phi Islands

A truly breathtaking image of the Phi Phi Islands from Alexander Neimert. The Phi Phi Islands are an island group in Thailand, between the large island of Phuket and the Straits of Malacca coast of Thailand. Fun fact about the Phi Phi Islands: walking and cycling are the main forms of transport. The number of four wheeled motor vehicle on the island is very limited.

 Badain Jaran Desert

This capture from Tony Wang makes this stunning desert look wildly magical. Badain Jaran is the 3rd largest desert in China. It covers an area of 49,000 square kilometers! These pools of water found in the desert are called the Mystery Lakes. According to Atlas Obscura, Many researchers agree that the lake water originates from groundwater stored beneath the sands. They contend that this groundwater concentrates in some areas to form springs, which feeds a layer of freshwater into deeper lakes. Despite this presence of groundwater, however, most of the lakes have a high level of salinity. Roughly 50% of the lakes in the Badain Jaran Desert are salt lakes.

So many amazing destinations with stunning views and interesting facts. We look forward to doing another destination highlight inspired by instagram travel shots we love soon!