Baltimore-Washington International Airport has reported that its passenger numbers have risen considerably in comparison with statistics for 2010. In 2010, the airport dealt with around 21.9 million passengers, already a significant number. In the first half of 2011, however, the airport reported that around 10.9 million passengers passed through.

This is up more than 5% for the same period a year ago and the airport has said that if trends continue as they are then there is every chance that they could exceed a total of 22.5 million passengers throughout the whole of 2011. This has been good news for businesses based at the airport, which are enjoying a boost to trade due to the rising number of passengers using the airport.

Other changes have been taking place at the airport that are hoped to boost its international business, which will in turn bring in more passengers. This is, of course, all very good news, but one potential issue is the impact that the increased numbers will have on airport parking.

If travelers due to be flying from BWI Airport are worried about the possibility of crowded parking, one option is to make use of an off-site lot close to BWI. There are currently quite a few off-site BWI options available and they often provide a good way to save money on your airport parking, as well as a free shuttle service to take passengers from the parking lot to the airport terminal.

At a time when the airport’s traffic is on the rise, off-site parking could well be a welcome solution for many travelers.