I know it is hard enough for me to organize myself so there are no unforeseen pot holes in my travel plans. I always marvel at my sister, who somehow manages to travel with her three little ones without a hitch. So I asked her one day, “How do you do it?” Here’s what she had to say:

I always use the Vista Valet Airport Parking at Newark Liberty Airport. They are my “mother’s little helper” and a total lifesaver. Using them, I know I can travel confidently with a 2, 4 and 6-year-old by myself. Their valet service is top-notch!

I park my car at the parking facility and their complimentary airport shuttle picks all of us up. The Valet kindly helps load all of our luggage – for no charge!

I make a guaranteed reservation on AirportParkingReservation.com ahead of time so there will be no surprises, I’ll always have a parking space at the Valet lot. Without the Valet, this traveling would be much tougher and I’ll admit I probably just wouldn’t do it.

Once I did try using the garage at Newark Liberty but dealing with holding hands with my little ones and handling all of our luggage was simply overwhelming. With the new airport laws, you just can’t leave a bag unattended at any time. Another family helped me get everything into the airport – otherwise we just never would have made our flight. On the way home, I hired a porter at baggage claim who said that he couldn’t go all the way into the garage – but when I gave him a generous tip he finally decided that he could do it. But this was such a stressful experience that I went right back to using Valet for our family’s needs.