The Airport Parking Reservations Blog has flown down to Orlando this week to visit with the heads of the world’s online travel businesses who gather each year to compare notes, check out new travel technologies, and schmooze to make connections for the coming year.

Every industry has their top level meeting places, for travel professionals  it’s ITB in Berlin. But for online travel and travel technology, it’s Phocuswright. Last night at the bar, I chatted with a friend I’ve met several times at other shows, an attractive woman with a Nordic mane of blond hair named Kulin Strimbu. She runs a company called TripTelevision in Englewood Colorado.

Strimbu’s company provides a video technology to websites and hotels who want to use the medium to showcase their hotels. It’s a patented method of displaying rooms, views from the rooms, and allowing people to book while they are being amazed by the look of the place. As more and more people use video on websites, it seems that this is a sensible migration…from words to pictures to moving pictures.

At this conference, a lot of what we will be talking about will involve our phones.  TripTelevision is geared up to provide iPhone and Blackberry-styled videos so that people will be able to be dazzled by the views from a hotel while staring down at their handsets.