I caught a segment of CBS’s Sunday Morning which provided dramatic evidence of how easy it is to make mistakes. They showed video of what the TSA’s baggage screeners see on the monitors as the bags go by.

According to a study obtained by USA Today, at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport more than 60% of the time screeners missed parts of bombs and other weapons in bags.

At LAX, it was even more dramatic, 75% of the time screeners missed.

One of the things many travelers hate about the TSA is that they confiscate bottles of water and sunscreen. Apparently the new TSA director is planning on scrapping this rule, because new technology allows them to sniff out explosives even if they are in liquids.

As I pack for a trip to Alabama and tuck in my sunscreen into my suitcase, I think that I better check this bag. Because if they haven’t changed this rule yet, I’ll be wishing I had that sunscreen on the beach outside of MObile.