When you park your car in an airport parking lot, you usually don’t have to think about whether the vehicle will start up again when you get back. But if you’re parking at Edmonton International Airport, you may just be out of luck. The Edmonton Journal reported on the situation last week.

Because it’s so cold there, the parking facility offers plugs to keep car engine blocks warm. The power cycles on and off every thirty minutes. But they’ve been receiving complaints from cold customers who say their batteries are not starting up.

Some people don’t realize that clocks and computers in vehicles continue to drain power even when the car is off. So even with block heaters, you may return to your car and not hear that familiar soothing sound of the revving motor.

One mechanic said that the block heaters going on for just twenty minutes at a time isn’t long enough in the Canadian cold. He said he thinks they should be on for an hour at least