When traveling from Birmingham International Airport, your best choice is to use off airport parking. This is an ideal time to travel for many. If you love to ski, snowshoe or ice-skate, you’ve simply got to head to colder Northern states to enjoy these activities. Many families love to take their children to see snow and build their very first snowman. It’s easy to see why families are traveling to chillier states to see the frosty flakes fall and play winter sports.

Off airport parking is ideal for your family as you get a GUARANTEED RESERVATION. Your parking space is immediately reserved when you select it and place a small deposit. This convenience means you don’t have to worry about “room” in the off airport parking facility for your car – there’s always room for you! Your family can easily park and will find traveling to the airport a breeze. You are always accompanied by the off airport parking facility shuttle driver who will help you with your luggage. This makes getting to the airport easier and quicker for the entire family.

When traveling out of Birmingham International Airport, consider these off airport parking facilities:

Alabama Airport Parking

Air Valet