Vancouver, British Columbia


Right after the brisk winters and right before the summer crowd, Vancouver is an excellent place to visit during Spring. You’ll enjoy invigorating weather with reduced expenditures as travel expenses are generally cheaper before the busy summer.

What makes Vancouver one of the best places to visit in spring is the mountain conditions for snow activities. The weather isn’t too cold, and the snow is marshmallow soft making it perfect for beginner skiers to fall on and seasoned mountain riders to carve. Check out the three major mountains in Vancouver for your next trip: Whisler BlackcombGrouse Mountain, and Cypress Mountain.

Orlando, Florida


Orlando’s weather is most pleasant in the winter but take a trip during Spring to get a head start on your summer fun. The weather in early spring averages a high of 75 degrees and can rise to high 80s late in spring , perfect for those long days at the water and theme parks!

For a festive Mardi Gras experience that caters to people of all groups and ages, Universal Studios celebrates Mardi Gras between mid-February to mid-April. Enjoy delicious Cajun food, 1.8 million bountiful beads, and 16 different concerts to spice up the festivities. For more information visit the website of Universal Studios Orlando.

Nothing beats the hot weather of Orlando than the many quenching water parks of this subtropical city. Spring season starts to garner more water traffic at the parks, but the weather will be perfect to enjoy fun water rides while splashing off the hot weather. Jump in at one of the top water parks in Orlando: Volcano Bay, Aquatica, and Disney’s Blizzard Beach.

Grand Canyon, Arizona

Grand Canyon

Even if you’ve already visited the Grand Canyon it will always be a great experience to explore this monument again with friends and/or family. The Grand Canyon remains one of the top travel destinations in the world for families, and has ideal weather conditions, making it one of the best places to visit in spring. You’ll want to try to visit earlier in Spring since Summer becomes a tourist hotspot and you’ll be seeing more traffic than beautiful scenery.

Whether you’re traveling by car or flying into Arizona, there are numerous guides that will help you plan your entire itinerary so you’ll have no excuse not to visit one of nature’s greatest monuments.

Austin, Texas – SXSW

South By Southwest

If you’re feeling extra generous to yourself then book a flight to Austin, Texas and attend South by Southwest (SXSW). SXSW is one of the largest festivals in the world housing three different events: comedy, film, and music. The event was born in Austin, Texas and continues to be held there during mid-March.

SXSW was first held in 1987 and started as a music festival to attract local artists. At the time, Austin was not a popular city for discovering the new music artists, so the organizers of SXSW created the festival to allow these musicians to showcase their talent. The attraction, growth, and success of the festival led to the creation of SXSW Comedy Festival and SXSW Film Festival (focuses on indies and up-and-coming film talent), which are both held in Austin.

South by Southwest is on the more expensive scale in terms of spring activities, but for what you get to experience, it’s well worth the price tag! To get access to all three festivals you will need to be ready to splurge. If you only want to go to one of these events, here are the dates:


March 13-18, 2023


March 10-18, 2023


March 10-18, 2023

Learn more about South by Southwest.

There are many other places to travel to in 2023, but these are 4 of the best places to travel in spring for domestic trips within the US. Is there anywhere you are keen to explore this year? Let us know!