Bummer!  For any aviation buff who might have been looking forward to a chance to ride the collossus of the skies, bad news: Emirates just announced that they would stop using the new Airbus A380 between New York and Dubai. According to Reuters, it’s due to the recession.

The Dubai-based carrier will move the A380 to serve, ugh, Toronto and Bangkok. Emirates figures that since the Thai government is trying desperately to rebuild its shattered tourism industry it will need the big planes to bring in many travelers, who will take advantage of new tourism initiatives.

You can still fly in relative luxury between NY and Dubai, it’s just on a Boeing 777 instead of the cool new double-decker that seats more than 500.

As a frequent flyer myself, I can’t wait to go up in one of these giant new planes, and I’m sure many travelers would have paid Emirates a little extra to ride in it. Emirates has ordered 58 of the A380s and five are supposed to be in service next month. That also may be delayed, since EADS, the plane’s maker, has had a lot of trouble with the wiring and getting the planes built on time.