Joe Sharkey gives advice in the NY Times. He wrote recently about what business owners think about airline security.  Most of them agree that it’s not a good idea to push hard on the new security measures which will discourage normal travel. Ït’s a knee-jerk reaction, said a 200,000-miles-per-year business traveler.

Here he sums it all up well.

“Air travel security is a three-legged stool. One leg is the effectiveness of the T.S.A; another is the fortified airplane cockpit doors that make it unlikely that terrorists will ever again commandeer a plane as a guided missile; and the third is vigilant passengers who will fight back, as they did on Friday.

“We’re the first responders, basically,” Mr. Engmann said. “Passengers stopped and flight attendants stopped this guy from doing more damage.”

“In my view, the message going back to Al Qaeda, or whoever, is: ‘Look, you can try this. But passengers are not going to let you get away with it. And you may want to try to make flying like being in prison for us, but we’re just not going to allow you to do that to us either.’ ”