What do you like about airports?  USA Today recently ran a story praising their ‘Road Warrior’ readers favorite choices in airport cuisine, comforts and amenities. Milwaukee’s used bookstore called Renaissance Bookshop got high marks from one reader/flyer, who also said she loved that she could trade or exchange used paperbacks when she traveled through the city.

A shoeshiner named Óld Joe’ got high praise from another traveler, who liked getting his shoes shined at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International.  For others it comes down to food and drink to make them sing praises.  “For $5 I can sample four North Carolina wines,”said another traveler, speaking about the Yadkin Valley Wine Bar at Charlotte Douglas International.

One traveler even made a special itinerary via San Francisco’s airport just to pick up five loaves of sourdough bread at the Boudin bakery there.

For other travelers it’s more than just food and drink. It’s oxygen and massage.  One of the surveyed travelers said he loves traveling through Denver where he often gets a rubdown between connecting flights.  Lauren Fix, an automotive analyst said she likes to visit OraOxygen at Detroit’s airport for a hit of pure oxygen, as a way to destress from travel.