Chris Elliot reports on his fabulous travel site that the TSA recently tried to bust a woman for bringing her apple pie on board a flight.  Jessica Bruder, of Portland Oregon, was flying to Illinois over the Thanksgiving holiday and almost had her pie taken away.

“What kind of pie is that?” the TSA supervisor asked her.

“Apple. With some raspberries,” Bruder answered.

“Does it have lumps?” he asked, then told her that the TSA keeps watch for pies with cream and custard fillings. Anything, he said, that can be construed as a ‘gel.’ He’d already said no to a pumpkin pie on the belt, saying that the insides of the pie ‘has the same consistency as plastic explosives.’

Elliott goes on to wonder just what the TSA is protecting us from, since the price tag is $4.7 billion a year for these screeners.