Are you putting off traveling for lack of funds? There are a few sites that I keep in my travel planning arsenal that save me hundreds of dollars on hotels, flights and car rentals every time I book. Take a look at my favorite travel deal websites so you can stop pinching pennies and start planning your next vacation!




1.) SkyScannerThe flexibility of this website is astonishing. You can search for flights throughout a whole country or region which means no more having to search each local airport separately. You can also leave the arriving city open-ended and the site will list the cheapest flights from your departing city first, which is great if you are unsure of a destination or are very budget-driven. The site also allows you to search an entire month’s worth of flights to ensure the very best deal.

2.) Secret FlyingDon’t book a flight without checking Secret Flying first. This site aggregates all airline price errors (that the companies legally have to honor) and it happens more often than you’d think!

3.) Airfare WatchdogThis comprehensive website compiles all discount and mistake fares in one place to save you a ridiculous amount of money. Use the “top fares” feature to snag the lowest prices or comb through all of the budget airlines in one fell swoop.

4.) The Flight DealYou can find flights as cheap as $70 round-trip using The Flight Deal. There are usually restrictions, and the fares are only for a limited time, so they’re ideal for travelers that are flexible and frugal.

5.) Holiday PiratesUK-based ‘Holiday Pirates’ and its US-based sister site ‘Travel Pirates’ are not some of the better-known travel sites, but they excel at packaging flights and hotels together to save you the most on your trip.

6.) The Points GuyIf you’re looking to book a vacation within the next few months, sign up for The Points Guy’s newsletter to be alerted to daily deals and special insider sales before (or if) they go public.



1.) Booking.comThis site is one of the best-known travel sites and for good reason: they’ll land you some great deals on hotels! Even if you manage to find a better deal elsewhere, they’ll match the price.

2.) AgodaThis site is perfect if you’re traveling to Asia anytime soon. It searches all possible accommodations that meet your specifications; Hostels, vacation rental properties, hotels and private rooms are all included in the search so even the most budget-conscious traveler can find a price they like!

3.) PricelineWe all know Priceline has good deals, but their “name your own price” feature really can’t be beat for hotel stays. Often, you can snag a great hotel for about 10% less than any other website offers.

4.) Hotels CombinedIf you do best with comparing and contrasting, Hotels Combined will be your new best friend. This aggregator shows you the prices for hotels on all of the leading travel sites so you can see which has the best deal.

5.) SplendiaThose who don’t like scrimping on their hotels will adore Splendia. With their collection of over 3500 luxury and boutique hotels, the perfect high-class hotel is now at your fingertips. They guarantee the best prices so you won’t always have to break the bank to stay in a 5-star hotel.

6.) Budget PlacesOn the flip side of Splendia, there’s Budget Places. They scour frugal accommodations around the world to find you the best deals so you can spend your money experiencing the city instead!


Car Rentals

1.) Auto SlashAuto Slash searches the web for the best car rental prices, automatically applying available discounts and coupons to acquire the best deal possible for your next ride!

2.) Car RentalsDon’t book a rental car without checking Car Rentals first. This site will search over 30 different rental car companies to obtain the best price without you having to go to each individual site to compare costs.

3.) AlamoAlamo is well-known as one of the cheapest car rental companies out there right now. They often have discount codes and coupons available to make their low prices even more affordable.

4.) EnterpriseEnterprise has great customer service and even better prices. Heading directly to their site will often yield better discounts than using a travel site like Expedia or Travelocity. I know this is behind the times, but a quick phone call to them has always scored me even better rates than what their website advertises.

5.) BudgetDon’t let their name scare you off; Budget’s car rentals cost about a quarter less than its competitors on average without scrimping on quality products and customer service.


Do you have a go-to website that you feel offers great travel deals? Help fellow travelers out and list them in the comments! And if you are looking for the best airport parking deals, you can always count on  We pride ourselves on offering the best prices and options for off-airport parking!