With Spring Break approaching, preparing for your trip is essential. When traveling with kids of varying ages, choosing your destination, and planning what to do when you get there, is crucial. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best ways to get the most out of spring break travel, including activities for kids, to help guide your next adventure!

Planning Makes Perfect

Get the Kids Involved:

Let your mini-explorers help choose the destination or kids activities. Involving them in the process will boost their excitement and help create lasting memories. When planning with different age groups, consider a countdown calendar to get younger children raring to go. For Elementary aged children, why not get a little bit techy and use child-friendly websites or apps to help them plan with you? When traveling with teens, treat them like a travel partner, including discussing destinations and budgets to help them gain a sense of independence.

Destination Delights:

It’s important to consider all types of vacations for spring break and to accommodate your individual family preferences. Some prefer to stroll the beach, while others enjoy a great day out at a theme park! By planning a variety of different activity options, you are guaranteed to please everyone in the family. Why not dedicate one day to the thrill-seekers, one to animal encounters, and another to learning on-the-go with museum trips.

Pack and Prepare Smart:

Make sure you pack according to the place you’re planning to visit. Kids can be picky with clothing at times, so pack smart and, if they’re old enough, get them to help choose which items you take.

Pick clothing that accommodates layers, especially with little ones who are sensitive to changes in temperature. Don’t forget to utilize packing cubes! They can be extremely helpful in separating kids’ clothes. Why not invest in color-co-ordinated ones for everyone? Consider carry-on luggage for kids to keep them entertained and occupied during travel. Pack essentials like snacks, headphones, and travel-sized games too.

Pre-booking airport parking with AirportParkingReservations can also help you organize your next spring break trip with the kids; get the most out of your trip by adding airport parking to your travel checklist!

Fun Takes Flight

Mother and baby on airplane

Road Trip Games:

Fun activities for kids on the road are essential when you’re driving a long distance to get to your departure airport. Get creative with games of “Would You Rather” or simple sing-alongs, or even a game of Mad Libs which can create a few spontaneous giggles! To help little learners, why not add a trivia-based game with fun facts about your spring break destination?

Airport Adventures:

Turn the airport into an adventure! Waiting to board your flight can involve lots of hanging around, so why not incorporate fun games such as “I Spy”, or even have a game of airport Olympics by timing yourself from check-in to security!

Alternatively, create a scavenger hunt, giving the kids a list of pre-flight essentials and helping them hunt them down in different terminal shops. Need some R and R? An airport lounge can be a great option for those needing extra quiet time or somewhere the kids can do some calm activities like reading or coloring away from the hustle and bustle of the busy terminal.

Embrace the Unexpected:

Accepting that things might not always go according to your travel plans is important. Being more flexible with your trip and building in time for rest or a spontaneous adventure or two is always a good idea. Missed a connection on your flight? Adjust your plans by creating extra memories for the kids and explore the area you’re in. Spring break with kids can give you the opportunity to explore places you never thought of, and a sudden street festival might create more excitement than a museum visit!

Fueling The Fun

Pack Healthy Snacks:

Keeping kids full and high in energy is important when traveling during your spring break adventure. Packing healthy snacks can help you avoid any additional costs, as well as making sure you’re eating healthily. Avoid sugary meltdowns with healthy snacks like fruits, veggies, nuts, and yogurt, and add a reusable water bottle to your arsenal to keep the family hydrated. Buying water can get pricey, especially when traveling as a larger group, so investing in a hydro-flask is a must!

Make Mealtime a Mini-Adventure:

Plan the food you’ll eat at the airport. You could choose a restaurant that serves the local cuisine of your spring break destination, add an interactive dining experience, or simply create a ‘guess the secret ingredient’ sensory experience! Why not prepare homemade snacks with the kids before you go? Packing a small picnic to enjoy at the airport before you fly can also make sure you’re eating healthily, as well as saving you money! Don’t forget to pre-plan some of the places you’ll eat during your spring break trip and use review sites to make sure they’re child friendly!

Landing Smoothly

Capture the Memories:

Being present in a high-tech world can be increasingly difficult, so why not discuss expectations about limited screen time up front with teens, while also making that commitment yourself. Make sure you’re engaged and spend as much time as possible with the kids when traveling for your next spring break trip. Discuss their current favourite foods, books, or hobbies, and make a game inspired by their interests.

Try to use your phone for capturing photographs and set aside some budget for buying professional photos of any experiences you enjoy together. Take photos and videos of your spring break adventures to relive the fun later. Encourage kids to keep a travel journal or draw pictures of their favorite moments.

Ease Back into Routine:

Spring crafts for kids are a good way to ease back into your regular routine after vacation. Plan a few quiet days after your trip to help everyone adjust back to school or work schedules and incorporate some fun activities as a soft launch back into everyday life. Talk about your favorite memories from your spring break trip and get planning your next adventure!


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