Even if you have a deathly fear of flying, sometimes you just have to board an airplane, especially if you have family across the country and the holidays are approaching. If you’re visiting family or friends this Thanksgiving, take a look at our guide to avoiding the anxiety that comes with traveling at this time of year.

1. Give Yourself Time
Don’t add more stress to your travels by running behind schedule. Spend some time creating a list of things you’ll need to do leading up to your trip and map out a timeline. On the day of your trip, make sure that you plan enough time to just relax for a bit by reading, meditating or listening to soothing music. Traveling is stressful even without adding relatives to the mix, so you’ll really appreciate that time to unwind before things get hectic.

2. Breathe
This tip may seem trite, but breathing exercises have been proven to have a significant positive impact on your mental state. There is a bevy of different breathing exercises that can help you in moments of stress and anxiety. When you find yourself spiraling out of control, take a moment to focus on nothing else but breathing slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth. As silly as it sounds, it’s a sure-fire way to make you feel better quickly.

3. Get Your Airline’s App
If you’re like most people, the thought of missing your flight is enough to cause a panic attack. You can mitigate that thought process (and the accompanying stress) by planning ahead and downloading your airline’s app. Every major airline has their own free app on the market now and they are highly useful at reducing flight anxiety; they’ll alert you to any changes in your flight ahead of time and let you know your gate number so you’re not wasting time staring at the lists of flights in the airport.

4. Book Airport Parking
Setting up parking ahead of time is a must-do if you’re a stressed traveler, or even just someone who likes to be prepared and organized. Waking up early and getting to your pre-reserved parking spot is a great way to kick off your Thanksgiving trip. Use Airport Parking Reservations to save you time and bring you peace of mind. And these coupons may not help your stress, but they should help your wallet!

5. Bundle Airport Parking and Hotel Room Bookings to Save Money
If you’re wanting to get the most bang for your buck, and help manage the stress of scheduling all of the details of a trip, try booking a vacation package that bundles all of your essentials together. Booking everything through one place can make scheduling a lot easier and it can also save you money. Use Park Sleep Fly to book your airport parking and hotel room all in one fell swoop. Even if you don’t need airport parking, you can still snag some awesome deals on rooms.

6. Keep Yourself and Kids Entertained
If you’re an anxious flyer, pack as many things to entertain yourself into your carry-on as possible. Make sure that all of your devices are fully charged and ready to go, (with back up chargers just in case) or distract yourself with a great read.

7. Make an Itinerary
Planning is the only way to stop worrying in its tracks, so set up a good schedule for the holidays where everyone is on the same page. Make sure all family members know what they are to bring, when they’ll be arriving and who will be coordinating pickups.

8. Focus on being Present
Spending the holidays with family may be stressful, but they’re still a time to be thankful and present with your loved ones. Remember to slow down and cherish the moments with them!

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