Vancouver is a magnificent cultural haven that makes a fabulous vacation spot all year round. But, if you want to get the absolute best that Vancouver has to offer, you can’t beat visiting in the spring. The whole city seems to get a case of ‘Spring Fever’ which results in events and activities at every corner.


Spring comes early in Vancouver, so plan your vacation between March and May to get the best experience. If you’re considering a trip to Vancouver and you’re on the fence regarding dates, take a look at these top 10 reasons to visit this vibrant city in the spring.


1. It’s the Best Weather

If you thought you’d have to visit Vancouver when the city rivals Antarctica temperatures in order to enjoy winter sports, think again. Spring has the best temperatures for enjoying all outdoor activities that the city and mountains have to offer. The temperatures hover around 50-60 in the heart of the city, while there is still plenty of snow to enjoy in the higher elevations. It’s the best of both worlds!


2. Explore Stanley Park


Stanley Park is the ecological pride and joy of Vancouver. The pristine, 1,000-acre park is home to various family activities, including Canada’s largest aquarium and multiple beaches, as well as hiking trails and many opportunities to learn about the indigenous life via tours given at the nature house. This picturesque park is best enjoyed late March-April when the roses are blooming and the wildlife is active.


3. The Tulips Are In Bloom: Abbotsford Tulip Festival 2017

This non-traditional festival is open only from April to May and showcases the most stunning array of colorful tulips. This beautiful sight is only a short drive from Vancouver, but will make you feel as though you’ve been transported to a whole new continent!


4. The Vancouver Auto Show

Every spring, the Vancouver Auto Show returns to the excitement of motorheads everywhere. Thousands of people flock to this premier auto event to drool over exotic cars like Ferrari’s and McLaren’s and see cutting edge auto technology at its finest.


5. It’s Whale Watching Season


March is the official beginning of whale watching season and there’s no better time to see gray whales or orcas close-up. Warmer weather and mating season makes for more active wildlife during the temperate spring months and Vancouver tour guides are quite adept at getting up close and personal with the migrating animals, (along with a variety of other sea life and birds,) which almost guarantees you’ll capture some great moments.


6. Visit a National Park

To celebrate Canada’s Park Service turning 100 years old this year, the park service is issuing free discovery passes that grant complimentary access to over 150 national parks. Quite a few of those parks are located near Vancouver and make great day trips during the beautiful, mild spring days.


7. Vancouver Is Hosting TED2017

Be inspired and grab a seat to one of the most influential events in the world. TED 2017 will be hosted in Vancouver this spring, where the top minds in some of the most important fields of study will converge to share their expertise, research and life musings with people who care to change this world for the better. This event is a life-changer.


8. Go Fest at Whistler

If you love the great outdoors, there’s a festival just for you, and it’s only a day trip away! Whistler hosts an annual “great outdoors” festival where you can find everything from fitness classes and fishing clinics to musical performances and outdoor art stations. It’s the perfect long weekend for all active nature-lovers.


9. It’s Warm Enough to go Kayaking 


You haven’t truly seen Vancouver until you’ve kayaked English Bay or False Creek. The juxtaposition of the sprawling city amidst the mountains is a sight to behold, and it can only be done from the water. During the spring months, you can even watch some of the migrating orca or humpback whales from your canoe or spot a menagerie of other wildlife like otters, seals and eagles.


10. DOXA Documentary Film Festival

If you are a truth seeker and love documentaries, you’ll want to head to Vancouver this spring for the DOXA Documentary Film Festival. The festival spans 10 days and showcases dozens of groundbreaking films that are sure to change lives.