There used to be a time when international traveling was nearly unaffordable and not so comfortable. Now, thanks to technology, budget airlines, and travel trends, travel has become much more affordable. As the travel experience changes with technology, so do travel essentials. Bringing a few key accessories can help relieve stress and give you an extra cushion of comfort. Below is a list of our travel essentials to keep your connection and your experience seamless as you travel.

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Anker PowerCore 20100

One of our favorite portable chargers for international travel, the Anker PowerCore 20100 is ultra-light and ultra-sleek. Regardless of your battery life, this power bank has your back. It can charge your phone up to 7 times. The charger pack itself will be fully charged again and ready in ten hours. It even comes with an 18-month warranty and an excellent customer service team. 

All-In-One Travel Adapter

When you’re traveling, it’s common for the electric outlets to have different faces. Having a phone charger isn’t enough. This handy all-in-one travel adapter will ensure you have the right number of prongs to charge your phone and other electronic devices. It even has USB ports! 

Although they are related, a travel adapter is definitely not the same thing as a voltage converter. Depending on your device and where you’re traveling to, it’s important to also pack a voltage converter. If you’re planning to bring a hair dryer or any other kind of high-voltage electric tool (travel water heater, blanket, etc.) you might want to look into a dual-voltage device that you can use with 110-120V output and 220-240V output.

Addalock Travel Door Lock

While there are a few different ways to secure your room when you’re traveling, this addalock travel door lock is one of our favorite layers of safety. It works on most doors, and give you an extra sense of security in your hostel, bathroom, apartment or Airbnb. The simple design makes the lock easy-to-use and easy to disarm in case of a fire or other emergency. This portable door lock isn’t electronic either, so no need to worry about batteries or charging. It’s small and light, you can even stash it in your money belt.

Lemontec Portable Travel Steamer

This one is a lifesaver for business and leisure travelers alike. The convenience that a Lemontec portable travel steamer brings to your travel experience makes this an essential travel gadget. Don’t let this little guy fool you, it’s powerful and can steam for up to 7 minutes. The size is akin to that of an iPad, and the 5-year warranty doesn’t hurt either. There’s nothing like wrinkle-free clothes in a foreign country. The steamer can even help kill bacteria clinging to the fabric.

Yamiu Packing Cubes

Like we mentioned in our tutorial on packing like Mari Kondo, packing cubes can change your game. Not only do these highly-efficient Yamiu packing cubes help you utilize every inch of space available in your bags, but they also help organize what goes where. No more losing socks or bathing suits. They’re also handy for those times when children are sharing a suitcase. Each child can have his or her own designated cubes, and there’ll be no need to fight about who gets what space.  

The Friendly Swede Microfiber Travel Towel

These Friendly Swede microfiber travel towels are lightweight and highly-absorbent. If you’ve never used a travel towel, you’ll be surprised at how much water they can absorb. You’ll also appreciate how quickly these towels dry. Designed to take up as little space as possible, these towels are versatile and not just restricted for when you’re traveling. They’re convenient at the gym, pool, beach and woods.

What are some fun travel gadgets that have changed the way you travel? Let us know in the comments below! We’re always up for a better travel experience. And if you travel frequently or are looking to buy a present for someone who does and need some gift ideas, you might like to take a look at this collection of gifts for frequent travelers we’ve put together before you make a purchase.